Warranty for defects

Warranty for defects

The Customer is obliged to check the delivered goods upon receipt of the order.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that there are no apparent defects at the time of delivery (product delivered that does not match the product ordered, incomplete product, etc.).

In case of apparent defects, the Customer (or any other person receiving the goods for him) must indicate it by email to the following address info@metalartconcept.com. In the absence of such a reservation, the said defects will be considered as accepted.

With respect to defects that are not apparent at the time of delivery, the Customer must notify Customer Service of any defects within 3 working days of becoming aware of the defect, failing which the defect will be deemed accepted. The procedure of article 13 of the GTC applies for returns.

In the case of the purchase of several products (batch of products), the defective nature of a product and its possible replacement or the impossibility of shipping it does not invalidate the entire purchase contract. MAC manages the order of each product independently.

Article 13 – Return procedure

In the event of a general revocation request (Article 8) or defect (Article 12), the customer must obtain a return authorization from the Customer Service Department prior to any return of goods. No merchandise will be accepted without prior acceptance and validation of the return by MAC.

Upon receipt of the return authorization, the customer has 7 working days to return the goods to the address indicated by MAC. Failure to comply with MAC’s instructions, or exceeding the above-mentioned period, will result in the return being refused and no refund from MAC will be due. Returns must be made in the original packaging and signed for.

Customer shall bear the sole risk of the return of the goods. Except in the case of a justified return due to a defect (article 12 of the GTC), the return costs are at the customer’s expense.

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